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Learning the Basics of Craps Betting is a great place for anyone who is new to playing the game. Here, players will learn about the various bets that they can place, the odds associated with these bets and even some of the best websites for craps betting in the entire world.

The Basic Pass Line Bet

In order to get started, players simply need to understand the basic Pass Line bet. Essentially, the bet requires the player to place his or her bet on the Pass Line before the shooter rolls the dice the first time. This first roll is known as the 'come out' roll. With this wager, if the shooter rolls a seven or 11, the bettor wins. However, if the shooter rolls a two, three or a 12, then the bettor loses. If anything else is rolled on the come out roll, that total becomes the 'point' and the shooter must roll that number again before rolling a seven. If this occurs, the bettor wins his or her Pass Line bet. If a seven is rolled first, then the bettor loses his or her wager. A favorite gambling game for many is craps. If that's your game of choice, make sure to visit Here you can find amazing tips and strategies to become a top-notch craps player. You can also find some reliable sites to check out the game, too.

Odds Bet

Once a player has become familiar with betting on craps with the Pass Line bet, he or she may want to throw in what is known as the Odds bet, as well. This is an additional bet that allows the player to double his or her Pass Line bet in an attempt to determine what the 'point' number will be, if one is rolled. If the point turns out to be four or 10, the bettor wins a 2:1 payout. If the point is five or nine, the player wins a 3:2 payout. Finally, if the point is six or eight, the player wins a 6:5 payout. It is important to consider that the higher payouts are associated with the point totals that have the lowest odds of occurring. If you don't quite understand how craps odds works, maybe it will be much easier by playing a couple of free hands. Plenty of online casinos will give you the privilege of free playing, such as the Gaming Club platform. Read more about it at the OnlineGamblingOnline guide about Gaming Club, and discover all the perks they offer, but their best feature is that they are mobile-friendly and has the most exquisite bonus offers for mobile users.

Other Bets

Place and lose bets are also quite common, and they require the bettor to determine whether a particular number will be rolled before a seven or if the seven will be rolled before a particular number. The Hard Way bet is another simple one; it simply means that the bettor is wagering that the player will get a four, six, eight or 10 point total by rolling doubles before a non-double that results in the same total or a seven is rolled. Finally, there are next roll bets which are nothing more than a group of wagers on what the bettor believes the shooter will roll next--just as the name of the wager implies.

There are more than 40 different methods of craps betting at any online or land-based venue, so players often feel intimidated and avoid the tables. However, once the player has learned the Pass Line, Odds and a few other bets, he or she can step right up and play like a pro!

Using Systems That Work

If you want to increase your chances of winning you should bet on craps using a system. There are a number of different systems that can be used and we have all of them listed here so be sure to check them out. There are some wagers that you should never place and these include wagering on 4 or 10, field wagers, big 6 or 8, hard ways wagers and proposition wagers. Systems that work won't tell you to use any of this. You should place small wagers on the passline or comebet. Using the strategies we have lists and following our advice, you can reduce the house edge to just 0.61% which gives you a much better advantage. Using a strategy that works means more game play and of course more chances to increase your bankroll too.

About Roll'em Portal

Roll'em Portal was established in 2005. Our mission is to offer advice, strategies, tips and guides to those who want to experience the world of online gaming. We pride ourselves on being players ourselves and as such, we test out all the games that are being offered and we let you know where to play and how to win.