Benefit From Winning Streaks with the Paroli Craps Betting System

The Paroli craps betting system is one of the most widely used and simplistic methods. With built in positive progressions, following this structure when placing wagers really gives players an edge. Money management strategies like this one focus on putting the odds in your favor. This strategy helps its players gamble more money during hot streaks and less money when that streak has gone cold, and people everywhere are encouraged to use it when craps betting online.

When following the Paroli craps betting system, the first thing to do is wager an even stake which is one that matches what you put down. If you play $10, you win $10. This can range from Come bets to line wagers. If your initial matched wager wins, then follow the same method but place a higher wage this go, doubling the first one. If the second one wins, you repeat this step again and place a third one that is twice the amount of the second. The system draws to a close upon the third stake no matter what. You can take your chances, but its best to start the process over again one the fourth round and bet $10 once again. Furthermore, any time your play doesn't win, you start the sequence over at step one.

Again, the idea here is to ensure that you make up for your losses by taking advantage of winning streaks. There are many theories out there that promise to do the same thing, but the Paroli craps betting system is time-tested and used by many people in both land-based and online venues around the world. It isn't for everyone, though, and it can only be used at tables that have wide betting limits due to the doubling of the initial wagers.

Overall, positive progression systems like the Paroli work best when you are playing for a short period of time and are on a hot streak. The very best strategy to take would be to ensure that you have compiled a fair amount of winnings before you began increasing your stakes. This way, the ones you do lose won't matter as much because you have still managed to make a profit.