Learn How to Play Craps like the Best

Although many people tend to shy away from the game because it is invariably the loudest section of the casino, this is actually one of the most fun classics out there and American players can enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes. Learning how to play craps isn't especially difficult, but taking the time to learn all of the different bets is a different story. While no one can expect to completely master the game in a matter of hours or even days, learning the basics is always a great way to start and players can work their way up over time. It is recommended that gamblers find a free option on the internet when they get started; this way, they do not need to be concerned with losing their hard-earned money along the way.

The basic craps rules are simple in nature. The player, known as the 'shooter', bets against the house on either one or a series of two tosses. The game itself is played with two standard six-sided dice and the sum of the showing faces determines the outcome. It is always important to note that this title is one of complete chance since there is never anything the shooter can do to influence the outcome of any single throw. All the player can hope to do is place the winning bet! There is typically one shooter at the table at a time but as many as 10 or more people can place wagers on the outcome of each roll of the dice. When it comes to learning how to play craps, though, it is often best to stick to the simplest bets available until they are fully understood. Only then should the gambler move up to the more complex side bets.

The first roll is known as the come-out. If the shooter rolls a two, three or 12 on this roll, it is known as 'craps' but if he or she rolls a seven or 11, it is a 'natural' and considered a win according to traditional bets. If anything else is thrown, the sum of the two dice becomes the 'point' and the player must roll the point again before throwing a total of seven. Of course, these facts are only true of the Pass Line bet; players who opt for the Don't Pass bet are essentially wagering on the opposite: they are paid out if the shooter throws a two, three or 12 and they lose money if the shooter throws a seven or 11. Of course, there are plenty of other wagers that can be placed along the way in order to keep the game interesting for everyone involved. Some of these are simpler to learn than others, but once players are comfortable with them, the possibilities are endless.

Craps betting can certainly get complicated, but there are a few options that everyone who is just getting started should keep in mind. First and foremost, the 'Fire' option is when the bettor estimates that the shooter will obtain a number of 'point' values over the course of several throws. Although the odds are against the bettor here, the payouts are quite generous. Of course, there are the Pass and Don't Pass bets which pay even money when won, but there are also Come and Don't Come bets that tend to mix things up a little more. In some establishments, players can even place wagers on pairs, single numbers, or groups of numbers being rolled. In this case, it is always best to wager on a six or an eight since there are many different ways to get to this sum with the dots on the two dice.