Craps Table Etiquette And Behavior

Craps is fun and very exciting, but it can also be very frustrating. When things are going well, points are being hit and money is being made. The camaraderie at the table is something not available in other competitive casino games. But this friendly behavior can disappear in an instant. All it takes is someone to drop a bet when the dice are being thrown, the dice hit their hand and the result is 7-out. While the probability of a 7 appearing is one in six whether the dice hit someone's hand or not, players tend to remember all of the times that it happens.

There are so many different wagers and methods of making them, so knowing a little craps table etiquette can save you from some embarrassment and icy stares. When buying in, wait until the dice are in the center of the table and the dealer motions for you to put your money down. This way, there is no way anyone can blame you for causing a 7 to appear. Once a shooter has the dice, forget about betting. If the shooter throws the dice while you're tossing chips or putting your hand over the table, the dice may hit the chips or your hand.

Dealers are very skilled, but rely on certain patterns to make things go smoothly. Therefore, craps table etiquette dictates that you make pass-line and come-bets by placing the money on the pass-line or come areas. The dealer makes all of the place wagers. If you are making a place bet, plan ahead and wait until the dealer looks at you or motions to you. Also, know the order of bet payoffs. Just as there is an order to placing bets, there is an order to paying them off. Losing wagers are collected first; next are pass-line or come winners around each half of the group; then place wagers are paid in sequence; finally, any hard way, horn, or hop wagers in the middle are paid in sequence.

Craps table etiquette is really just knowing a few simple rules to keep everything friendly as things progress. Don't let your fingers hang over the edges at any time. Be cordial, not loud. Never say the word "seven." Tip the dealers. Follow these tips to keep everything smooth and friendly.