Craps Casino Lingo And Common Expressions

Anyone who has ever played craps knows the heart-pounding feeling the first time they bellied up to the rack and threw their chips down on the layout. No casino game has such an ominous presence, not to mention its self-contained dictionary of common expressions. This guide presents craps casino lingo to help take the edge off your first time at the table. The dealers are the two people standing at either end of the table with their backs facing the pit. They handle check changing and paying winners or losers. The stick man stands at the center of the table and keeps his eyes on the dice. He is the play-by-play announcer at the table, and its his job to call numbers as they're thrown, place prop bets on the center felt, and coordinate payments on winning props. The boxman sits in a chair behind the bank and oversees the chips, and settles disputes.

When buying in, drop your money in front of the dealer and politely ask for "Change, please." The dealer tosses the money in front of the boxman, who verifies the cash count and stuffs the money into the drop slot at the table. To make a bet, there are Pass Line, Pass Line Odds, Field, Don't, Big 6/8, and Come bets that are all placed on the layout by the player. If you want to place a specific number, put the chips in front of you within reach of the dealer. He or she will take your bet, move it to your number depending on where you are situated at the rail.

In craps casino lingo, hardway bets are tossed gently onto the center of the table, with an exclamation such as "4 and 10 hardways, $1 each." The stickman will repeat your bet back to you.

Here is some more craps casino lingo for the specific numbers: A roll of 2 is commonly called snake eyes or deuces. A 3 is a one-two, or ace-deuce. A 4 is a double-deuce or four-easy. A 5 is a thirty-two, a twenty-three, or five alive. A 6: thirty-three, forty-two, six hard/easy. A 7 is commonly a seven out. An 8: forty-four, square-pair. A 9, you guessed it, fifty-four. 10: a Tennessee, ten easy, fifty-five. An 11 is Yo, or fifty-six. And a 12 is boxcars, or a full boat.