Easy-to-Learn Tips And Systems That Work

There are many different betting games open to online players in the USA today, from slots to poker and many more. However, one of the most popular games online and in physical casinos is the dice game called craps. This is often the noisiest area in a casino, generating high levels of excitement at the tables as the two dice are rolled, and it can just as exciting to play online. Over the years, there have been many craps systems intended to help players win, but it is hard to find those that work.

One fact about craps and gaming in general is inescapable: the odds are always balanced in favor of the casino. Otherwise, casinos would go out of business and there would be no online games to play. One of the established methods is the Martingale betting system. The idea is that players should double their bets when they lose so as to eventually regain their losses. Its flaw is that the table will have an upper betting limit and/or the player runs out of cash before the otherwise probabilistically inevitable big win.

The first thing USA players can do to increase their chance of winning is avoid making bad bets, i.e. those with a big edge for the house. First, avoid betting on 4 or 10 or any buy bets. The same goes for a field bet or a big 6 or 8. Hard way bets are even worse, but they are topped by proposition bets that can give the house a maximum 16.7% edge. So, online craps players must avoid any system that involves these plays.

Craps systems that work can reduce the house edge to a mere 0.61%, and certain plays by this method can reduce this margin by another order of magnitude to an infinitesimal 0.016%. All players need do is initially place small bets on the Come bet or the Pass Line bet and increase their bets to the maximum odds allowed. It may sound a simplistic system but it gives online craps players the maximum possible chance of winning against the house.